At Health Valley 2021 Co Fit Future on 10 and 11 march there will be a live stream from iXperium Health. Every hour one of our researchers or specialist will present actual research projects and projects.

10 march 2021

10:15 hour Maurice Magnee, Program manager iXperium Health and Menno Pistorius, director Academie Gezondheid en Vitaliteit (HAN University) will present technology in health and care at HAN University (English)

11:00 hour programmamanager Mariel Derksen en Maria Verkampen vertellen over de Virtuele client waarmee je laaggeletterdheid kunt herkennen en bespreekbaar kunt maken. (Nederlandstalig)

12:00 hour HAN lector Marian Adriaansen (chatbots) VR and Ethics (English)

13:00 hour HAN lector Rene Bakker presents a research on chatbots (English).

14:00 hour HAN Lector Bart Staal en fysiotherapeut Ron van Heerde (fysiotherapeut) vertellen over het project COVID Virtual Revalidation. (Nederlandstalig)

Moderation and interviews Justine van den Berg

11 march 2021

10:00 hours HAN Lector Stijn Hoppenbrouwers presents a research on moving reality en data analytics (Nederlandstalig)

11:00 hour HAN researcher Samantha Hughes (HAN BioCentre) present “A whole systems approach to exploring the health benefits of functional foods” (English).

12:00 hour HAN docent Astrid Timman vertelt over virtuele client Max (Nederlandstalig)

13:00 hour Researcher Niels van Huizen from UT Twente and HAN researcher Thijs Waardenburg presents the researchproject Design your life (English)

Moderation and interviews Justine van den Berg