Behavioural Indicators for Teaching and Learning with Technology in Higher Education

How do you recognize a teacher who is competent in teaching with technology and innovating education with technology?

The Framework for Digital Competences of Lecturers was developed in 2021, commissioned by the zone Professional Development of the Acceleration Plan Education with ICT. This framework describes the competences that are essential to the design of education which enables personalization and flexibilization through the use of technology and keeps up with an ever-changing society.

Both research and everyday practice show that teachers need practical examples and further clarification of the competences addressed in the framework to properly assess their own actions and development needs. Moreover, support staff and HR staff recognize the same need. To cater to these needs, the iXperium has formulated behavioural indicators to complement the competences in the framework. These behavioural indicators describe examples of demonstrable and actionable behaviour which competent teachers might display. The behavioural indicators, therefore, answer the following question: what can you observe when someone is competent? By complementing each competence with clear, objectively observable behavioural indicators, this document facilitates a discussion of the teacher’s real-life behaviour. This allows teachers and assessors a more granular insight into the degree of competence achieved.